Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Maxie's Album 009 Cecil Bright...The man who brought us together

This very accurate appreciation of Cecil's work for the club was written by Sidney Tabor for the club magazine in the 1950s.
My problem (as organiser of this Blog) is not to use too many superlatives when describing the boys/men who inhabited the C&BG over its many years but Cecil truly was a lovely man in every sense.

Maxie's Album 008 Michael (Morry) Ross

In 1987 Michael Ross presented a boxing portrait of himself to the club.
Morry & Dave Ross were two of my (Ron's) childhood heroes and were contemporaries of my brothers Mossy & Mick. The theme of "brothers", both attending and contributing to the club, runs throughout the history of the C&BG and was part of its strength.

Maxie's Album 007 Fed. Table Tennis Team 1944

H.Parnell, S.Freeman, R.Bernstein, M.Lea

Maxie's Album 005 & 006 Club visit to the House of Commons 1942

Sir Percy Harris, the local MP in the Trilby hat and a very young Maxie in front of him.
Compare this with the earlier photo taken in 1935 !

Maxie's Album 003 & 004

003 Junior Officers Vic Monger & Max (note the dangling fag !)
004 Max & "T", Hythe Camp 1952
To refresh some of your memories a list of Wartime & Post-war camps follow:
1943 Frome (Somerset)
1944 Banbury
1945 Canford (Dorset)
1946 Herne Bay (Dymchurch)
1947 Herne Bay
1948 Washington (Worthing)
1949 St. Mary's Bay (Dymchurch)
1950 Shackleford (Guildford)
1952 Saltwood Castle (Hythe)
1953 Weymouth
From 1954 to 1957 the club had it's own weekend campsite at Badger Hall, Thundersley in Essex which was also used for annual camps.
1954 Badger Hall
1955 Saltwood near Hythe
1956 Guestling near Hastings
1957 Pinhay, Lyme Regis
1970 Bishops Stortford

Maxie's Album 002

Left to right: ?, Charlie Klip,?, Maxie Lea, Basil Silverman,Harold Bromberg, Alf Segar, Sid Freeman, Peter Younger.
Reunion circa 1992

Maxie's Wonderful Album ! 001

On Tuesday the 29th of May 2007 Maxie Lea called round my to my house and left with me various albums relating to the C&BG Boy's Club.

There was Maxie's own album, a large file containing memorabilia and an album that had belonged to dear Cecil Bright. For the purpose of simplicity I will refer to all of these items as "Maxie's Album" and over the next few months I will endeavour to get as many of these photos and other items scanned and displayed on this site as soon as possible.

Keep watching, there are loads more to come, and if you can add any names please contact me (Ron) either by e-mail or by leaving a comment on this site