Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Some pics & a bit of chat from Aubrey Silkoff

Hello Ron

I’ve just logged onto to the link that has put me through to your blog on the C&BG Boys Club. I attended the club from about 1949 up until 1954. I have very distinct (and fond) memories. Although at that age I was a bit oblivious to the goings on around me and I’ve forgotten more than I can remember.

The club leader: was it Monty? And also Titchiner (‘Titch’). I have a photograph (in poor condition) of a club meeting with some of the boys and their leaders.

We used to go to camp in Surrey (or was it Sussex). Again I have a couple of poor quality photos.

We visited The Royal Academy of Art-my very first visit to an art exhibition.

My first visit to see a play was from the club (via a taxi)- ‘Arsenic & Old Lace.’

I also remember times when ‘ruffians invaded’ the club and scaring me.

I did try The Brady club at one time but I was far more comfortable at The Cambridge & Bethnal Green Boys Club. There were fewer kids and leaders and I knew pretty well everyone there.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Always pleased to recommend a good Blog about the East End !

Maxie Lea has recently put me in touch with a super Blog called Spitalfields Life (Click on the link immediately below).
Spitalfields Life.
On this site there are some articles about an ex-C&BG boy named Aubrey Silkoff
This fascinating story concerns some grafitti scratched on a wall on 19th April 1950 by various kids who lived in the Arnold Circus area.
To find the articles, scroll down until you find the SEARCH BOX, enter SILKOFF and you will be taken to two articles.
Alternatively, look in the July Archives and find an article titled "The return of Aubrey Silkoff", dated July 28 2010.
This unique Blog is updated literally every day and is well worth a visit.
Enjoy !


Since writing the above, the Gentle Author has paid me a visit and written a super article about the club which has been published today, 11th August 2010.

I do urge you to visit the Spitalfields Life blog, link given above, and don't be afraid to write any of your comments :)