Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The future of this Blog

If you have any connection at all with the C&BG Boy's Club and if you think the ethos behind the existence of this Blog is of value, read on. I am looking for someone to take over the running of this Blog. It requires little computing expertise and it could be easily taught. At the time of writing I am aged 91 and wish only to ensure that the Blog survives. E-mail me at the address given above and we can go on from there. Ron

Monday, 19 January 2015

Final thoughts on the end of the C&BG Reunion Dinners

We are now in 2015 and there has been much communication between myself and Maxie Lea with a view to winding up the reunions as we knew them Firstly a message received the other day from Ray Waxler to whom we send our sincere condolences. Dear Ron, I should like to inform the Cambridge Boys Club that my dad, Monty (Mark) Waxler passed away on 31.12.14. He was in good health and still living independently unto the end. Regards Ray Waxler Then a message from Allen Smith, the Chairman of the C&BG Reunion Committee: 2015 CAMBRIDGE REUNION COMMITTEE Morris (Moggy) Freeman, Max Lea MBE (Registrar and Treasurer), Len Sanders, Tony Ring (Secretary), Allen Smith (Chairman) Dear Cambridge Old Boys, Friends and Relatives First of all, on behalf of the Committee and myself, it was great to see a good attendance at the last reunion dinner, plus to see you all in good spirits. It was a very good evening enjoyed by all and despite being the last reunion we had four people who attended for the first time. I must thank a few people other than the Committee, Monty Meth for an excellent speech, very interesting and full of club history and of course Max for all the hard work and effort around arranging the reunions for over 60 years. Max tells me he had many telephone calls from people who attended and said how much they enjoyed the evening. I must also give very special thanks to The Gentle Author for distributing his excellent book of East London to all those present. I keep looking at it and finding something more interesting each time I return to it. It is a great book, full of great memories, and so many thanks again. As mentioned in my last letter, please find enclosed a list of grants we have made to clubs, schools etc. over the years, all of which made possible from your very kind donations. As you can see we have made donations to over 70 organisations and the total donated now stands at £33,000. Please accept our thanks again for your kind support over the years. The last grants have now been issued and our Bank Account closed. Max has received many letters of thanks from organisations that we have helped and this, as you know, covers Education, helping young people to interact with each other, people with disabilities and learning difficulties, plus sporting equipment and camping programmes. As this is my last newsletter it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone for the support you have given me over the last couple of years and to wish you all health, wealth and happiness for the future. Allen Smith Chairman – and on behalf of the Committee STOP PRESS Although it is not definite yet, we are making enquiries to see if it is possible to place a blue plaque on our old club building in Chance Street to commemorate the club opening there. If you look at the club blog or the Internet you will be able to check our progress. Please check on the following e-mail addresses: Finally, a snap of Maxie & his nephews taken at the last re-union and a list of donations made by the club on your behalf.