Sunday, 20 December 2009

Visit to the Bandstand

The attached pictures were sent to me by Simon Brandes of a memorable visit to the Bandstand.
If anyone who took part in the ceremony would like to send me details about the ceremony that took place I will be glad to add them here.
As a direct result of this posting I was pleased to get an e-mail report from Joe and this is shown below

Dear Ron

This is a resume of what happened at 11.00 am on the 28th June 2009 some ex Members of Cambridge and The Cambridge and Bethnal Green Boys Club assembled on the top tier of the Bandstand in Calvert Avenue to dedicate a park bench purchased by Tony Ring and Tony Hiller, in recognition of the association we all had with the Club in Virginia Road School and all the boys that lived around the Bandstand near and far.
The Bandstand is now run by The Friends of Arnold Circus, the Chairperson is Naseem Khan OBE and a group of Volunteers. It is very well looked after by these Volunteers
Who have displayed many plants and flowers.
Monty Meth gave a speech, thanking the two Tony’s for their kind gesture and also he thanked Ms. Khan and her Volunteers for their work in keeping the Bandstand in the limelight.
All in all, a morning to remember of the times we spent in the area.
The names of the people on the photograph, to the best of my knowledge are, Monty Meth, Lennie Saunders, Tony Ring, Tony Hiller, Miriam Fugler and her two Sons, Irving Hiller, Hershal Hiller, Mo Freeman, Barry Gendler, and two others, unfortunately I cannot remember their names of course myself.