Monday, 3 September 2012

Annual Reunion Dinner 2012

Just a brief report on the Annual Dinner. Thanks to the stalwart efforts of the committee, once again we met up with old friends at the Imperial Hotel in Russel Square. A quick count on the posted guest list and I make the total present between 75 & 80. Some changes that I noted included the announcement of the retirement of Monty Meth as Chairman after a magnificent 12 years and the introducing of Allen Smith as the new Chair. The absence of our musical finale due to the Hiller boys not being fit, we all wish them both well. The first lady guest speaker, Naseem Khan OBE who I was pleased to see got a very good reception. Enough comment. Now for a few pics,including yours truly with my very old friend Benny Lampert, Ron Clayton, Manny Silverman and our guest speaker Naseem Khan OBE Also shown is a good friend of the club who chooses to remain anonymous Ron