Sunday, 17 February 2013

Always glad to receive photos from families of old C&BG boys. Just received these two from Janet Snowman who's dad was Nat Levinson. Dear Ron You may remember that I was in touch a couple of years ago having come across your website, and I was so delighted to find a photo of my dad on it. I have finally found these two images, which are possibly (probably) related to the Club. I'm not sure if you have copies of them in your archive. The one called 'Nat Levison 1' is stamped 858 on the reverse of this otherwise unused postcard; in this one my father is seated, wearing striped socks. The other I have called 'Nat Levison 2' and the reverse carries a reference stamp of either 981 or, upside down, 186! My father is on the right.