Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Some pics & a bit of chat from Aubrey Silkoff

Hello Ron

I’ve just logged onto to the link that has put me through to your blog on the C&BG Boys Club. I attended the club from about 1949 up until 1954. I have very distinct (and fond) memories. Although at that age I was a bit oblivious to the goings on around me and I’ve forgotten more than I can remember.

The club leader: was it Monty? And also Titchiner (‘Titch’). I have a photograph (in poor condition) of a club meeting with some of the boys and their leaders.

We used to go to camp in Surrey (or was it Sussex). Again I have a couple of poor quality photos.

We visited The Royal Academy of Art-my very first visit to an art exhibition.

My first visit to see a play was from the club (via a taxi)- ‘Arsenic & Old Lace.’

I also remember times when ‘ruffians invaded’ the club and scaring me.

I did try The Brady club at one time but I was far more comfortable at The Cambridge & Bethnal Green Boys Club. There were fewer kids and leaders and I knew pretty well everyone there.

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