Saturday, 18 September 2010

News from overseas (1)

After the last club reunion I started a correspondence with Anita Loftus who sent me the following:

I have today heard from Joe Kaye (Kosky) in California) who tells me he has sent you a comment but that 'it came back'. He has asked me to send you a copy, which I am dutifully doing as follows:.

Friday 17th Sept.


My name is Joe Kaye and a very close friend of Ben Katz and Simon Kester. When I belonged to the Boys Club (1937-1940) my name was Joe Kosky and I lived in Chertsey Bldgs. I now have lived in California for 48 years and am still in touch with the Katz Boys. I also knew Joe Brandez at school (Virginia Road) and Dicky Posener.

The lady in Melbourne, Australia (Anita Loftus) who asked you to put names under the photos, was my school sweetheart until she met Jack Loftus at a Club Dance. Anita and I have been in touch for years now by email, since Jack passed away.

It's so wonderful that some of the "old boys" still get together and I would be there if I still lived in the U.K.

Please give my best wishes to everyone.
All the best to you for a wonderful job.

Joe Kaye

ps from Ron:
Joe included an e-mail address but in the interests of anti-spamming I won't print it here but I will be happy to pass on any correspondence sent to me (see my profile for my e-mail address).
Alternately, try adding your comment below.

I also have just received this lovely photo of Jack Loftus taken in Melbourne just before a WW2 commemorative parade and also Jack in uniform circa 1941/1942

On 20-11-2010 Anita sent me this
"I am forwarding the picture of Jack and his brother Leslie in the Bandstand
(circa around 1936) which has just turned up from somewhere in my P.C."

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