Thursday, 8 February 2007

Certificate awarded to Maxie Lea MBE

One of life's rare pleasures was being allowed to be one of the many sponsors of Maxie's MBE and I was equally delighted on being asked to cobble up this certificate which we all signed as a token of our esteem.
Quite apart from the immense amount of work that Maxie has done over the years to keep the "Old Boys" together, there is one favour that he did for me, that, as Michael Caine might have put it "not a lot of people know about that!".
I refer to the fact that when the New Cambridge club packed up, he rescued the photo albums of the "Old" Cambridge and gave people such as myself a chance to "adopt" those photos that portrayed us when we were still in our teens.
Many of the snaps that I have shown on the site to date are a direct result of Maxie's foresight and for this, much thanks !

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