Sunday, 25 February 2007

Photos submitted by Dave Saunders: Batch 2

WHO's-WHO supplied by Dave:
Myself on left with the late Harry Solomons at the AJYAnnual Sports in 1942 held at Parliament Hill Fields. I won the 880 yds. and Harry the 100 yds.
They gave me a certificate which I still have, with a promise of a medal after the war.-I am still waiting.

Group at Greatstones camp 1939.
Back row 4th from left Stanley Kitler next Jack Roodyn.
Next row bending down myself, (Dave Saunders)
Bottom row,from left Dave Grenhalgh then Monty Meth. Others I can't remember

Greatstones camp. 1939. Myself on right. Others I can't remember.

Greatstones 1939. Camp concert. I am in the back row among many familiar faces but I cannot name.

5th down.
Greatstones. Mealtime.

Meeting with T, Date and names not known.
(Ron adds:Extreme left is Leslie Phillips, extreme right Sam Posner)
1st. down
Greatstones camp. 2nd.right, Don Carlton then Derek Merton.
(Note from Ron: Left of Derek is a rare photo of Nat Levison who ran the drama class,extreme left is Stanley Hale and then Stanley Kittler)

2nd. down
Club Sports Day. Victoria Park. maybe 1938,
From Left. Odiff Fugler, then Myself(Dave Saunders),third runner not known.

Greatstones camp. Tuck shop, No names.

4th down
Chance Street. meeting. George and Roland Lotinga, T and various others.

5th down.
Greatstones. Cookhouse.

6th. down.
Greatstones camp.1939. My tent: Centre row,second from left Harold Steinfield then myself, Dave Saunders. Others I cannot remember.

7th down.
The Elms, 1942 or 1943. Our successful football team, (I think)
Top row, from left. Bobby Gray, Harry Solomons, Myself(Dave Saunders), Mo Isenberg, Harold Spiro, Stanley Kitler.
Bottom row, from left. Ralph Levene, Odiff Fugler, Sid Levy, (Brazier, I think), Giorgi.

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