Thursday, 8 February 2007

Rochelle Street School Class 3 1932

Rochelle Street School was to provide a lot of club members, how many faces do you remember here and,more importantly,can you fill in any of the blanks?
Since receiving this photo (kindly provided by Arthur Allsuch) I have been trying to identify all concerned, this is how far I have got,reading from left to right:
Front Row: Jack Simons,* Babot,Arthur Allsuch, Len Kayser, ? , ?
Second Row: ?, ?, ?,Ron Goldstein, Joey Joseph, * Schneiderman, * Lerner, * Bright, ?
Third Row ?, Gerry Shapiro, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ?,Philip Roth, ?, Stanley Hart ?
Back Row: ?, David Woolf,Judah Silver?, Lionel Damon, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?


Julia Roxan said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I am a daughter of one of your members - David Woolf (later he changed his name to David Roxan) and I have never seen any photos of him as a child before. Dad died in 1998 and was always very reticent about his upbringing but I know he always felt grateful for the outlook on life he gained from belonging to the CaBG club. I cannot find any other mentions of him (or his younger brother Sidney, who is still alive) on your blog. If you have any other info or photos I would be most grateful. Thank you again. Julia Roxan

Ron Goldstein said...


Many thanks for your kind comments.

Try sending me an e-mail, the address can be found in the Blog Header, and I will see if I can be of help.

Best wishes