Saturday, 10 February 2007

Strange reunions with old club friends

I'm sure I'm not alone in having met club friends all over the world but there are three occasions that stand out in my memory.
The first one was in 1944, when, on a hill overlooking Monte Cassino, I met Johny Bofkin and we talked about past club events whilst a battle raged below.
Then in 1945 whilst visiting Venice, just a week after the war had ceased in Italy, my gondola passed by another one in which sat Nat Krieger and we yelled greetings to each other across the waters.
But the strangest meeting by far was getting a postcard in 1991 from a childhood and club friend David Biber (z'l) who had been living in Australia for many years. In the card he told me that he was making Aliyah to Israel and we arranged to meet in Netanya the following year. Our meeting,the first after 45 years was quite emotional and we visited the Kotel together with our respective wives.
Before we parted he gave me his club badge, saying "I'm not likely to attend any of the reunions, wear it for me the next time you go" and this I was able to do, later the same year.

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