Sunday, 25 February 2007

The first of, we hope !, many photos: Batch 1, Submitted by Dave Saunders (Click on Comments)


Anonymous said...

On a chance visit to your website I was so thrilled to see a photograph of my father, Nat Levison; and also sad to hear of Derek's death. I last saw him about two years ago.

The club meant so much to my father. I am not sure whether the photos he kept and cherished are with my family in Australia or here with me! I will have a look, and send them before the summer.

Best wishes, Janet Snowman (née Levison)

Ron Goldstein said...

Dear Janet

I was delighted to receive your comment particularly because it was this sort of service I had in mind when I started the Blog.

I have very happy memories of dear Nat and would like you to know how respected he was for his introduction of Drama classes into the club's activities.

Best wishes and do return to the site !


Ron Goldstein said...

Morry Freeman writes:

Hi Ron

In Dave Saunder's football photo, between Sid Lever and Georgi Georgi is my old friend Eric Harris, he had a younger Brother called Leslie and a Sister called Rita, I think he lived in Hedsor Buildings, the last I saw him must be over 20 years ago at one of the Club Re-unions and he had moved to somewhere in South London